Britt Summer Center

The Britt Summer Center is your one-stop shop for summer information for your Britt Comet - what to read, where to learn, what to get for next year, and more!  Additional great information is available in the May-Summer edition of the Comet Connection below.

May-Summer Comet Connection Newsletter

Click here to view the May-Summer edition of the Britt Comet Connection Newsletter.

From everyone at Britt...

...have a wonderful summer!

We can't wait to see you again in August!  Orientation is Friday, August 1, and the first day of school is Tuesday, August 5.


June 16-19 - Math Academy

July 14-18 - Kinder-Camp

August 1 - Orientation Day (10:00-2:00)

August 5 - First Day of School

August 8 - South Gwinnett Cluster Night at the Gwinnett Braves

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