New Student Registration

Do you have a student that will be coming to Britt next year? Much of the registration process can be completed online from home prior to to your visit to Britt. Please visit our new student registration page for all the information you'll need for your new Britt Comet to join us in August!

May-Summer Comet Connection Newsletter

Click here to read the May-Summer edition of the Britt Comet Connection Newsletter. In this edition you'll find information about end-of-the-year activities and resources to help your Britt Comet learn through the summer and be ready for next year.




From Everyone At Britt....

Have A Wonderful Summer!

Please visit our Britt Summer Center to read about opportunties for summer fun, ways to continue learning, and information about next year.

The 2015-2016 school year begins on August 10.

Celebrating the Class of '15

Click here to view the Class of 2015 edition of Communique, Gwinnett County Schools' digital community magazine.

August 10 - First Day of School

Click here to see the full Britt calendar