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General Information

W.C. Britt Elementary School is using an educational software product from Pearson Education Technologies. Pearson Ed Tech is the largest educational software company providing products and services to K-12 schools around the world.

This unique product promotes the development and maintenance of essential concepts, strategies, and skills in reading and mathematics while combining realistic content with state-of-the-art multimedia to create interactive environments for thinking and reasoning. This product, called SuccessMaker Enterprise, constantly monitors each student's performance and selects activities to fit the student's needs with just the right instruction at just the right time. The curriculum software is grounded in the latest research being used. The program presents math and reading skills through questions and if the child understands the concept, then he/she moves on. If the child misses a question,
then he/she is led to the correct answer through a tutorial.

Teachers evaluate their students and decide where to start them in SuccessMaker. By evaluating the child’s responses to questions, the software further determines the true instructional level for your child. SuccessMaker software is designed to take your child from where he/she is in math and reading and help him/her learn new concepts and skills, as well as review previously introduced skills. Your child is already using this program in school for weekly practice.

More information about this program can be found at:

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SuccessMaker At-Home Kits

Please note that SuccessMaker At-Home Kits are only available for Britt Elementary students.

This SuccessMaker program is available for at-home use. The at-home version of the program is accessed via a web browser. The servers from the school program and the servers from the at-home version are synchronized every few hours so that any work a student performs at home shows up in the school based program the following day, and any work that the student has performed in SuccessMaker at school shows up at home.

Parents who are interested in having their children use the SuccessMaker At Home program may lease the disks for a one-time enrollment/user fee of $30.00. (Note: This is our actual cost and is NOT a fundraiser.)
This one time fee provides a set of software on loan for your use at home.
Only one kit is required for each family no matter how many children you have enrolled at Britt.

If you are interested in attaining a SuccessMaker At-Home kit for your child, please note the following...

*There is a $30.00 usage fee for the kit*
*This fee will give your child use of the kit until he/she leaves Britt Elementary*
*The kit will be checked out to your child and tracked through the media center check out system*
*Students will be expected to check in the kit each May*
*Upon May check-in, the kit will be immediately checked back out for summer usage*
*The kit will need to be returned when your child leaves Britt Elementary*
*Please make sure your home computer fits the system requirements (see below)*

System Requirements For At-Home Usage

• A 56-kbps modem (or faster connection)

• An Internet Service Provider (ISP)

• A workstation with at least 512 MB of memory

• Must have a computer DVD drive

• Windows 2000/XP/Vista (Note: will not run on Windows 7)

• Mac OS X requirements:
Mac OS 10.4.x with Safari 2.04 and JRE 1.5.x
Mac OS 0.5.x with Safari 3.04 and JRE 1.5.x

• To set your screen resolution to a minimum of 1024 X 768 for maximum viewing

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Using SuccessMaker At-Home - Installation and Program Usage Guides

A question and answer sheet on some of the most frequently asked questions.

SuccessMaker at home requires installation of the software on your home computer. Should you need help during this process, Pearson has provided a Gwinnett County parent website specifically designed to help you get started. This website has all required documents needed to get started: computer requirements, an installation quick guide, an installation how-to video, and a frequently asked questions (FAQ) document.

To access the SuccessMaker Parent Website, go to:

Having trouble installing the SuccessMaker At-Home program? This Parent Troubleshooting Guide will walk you through steps on some of the most common installation problems.

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Additional Resources

There are many courses available in SuccessMaker; however, not all are appropriate for all students. There are two types of courses, Foundation and Exploreware. The primary focus at Britt Elementary is on the Foundation courses and these are the only courses assigned to students for use at school. However, SuccessMaker At-Home users may request a specific course be assigned to their child by e-mailing the school LSTC.

Each child is always working at a specific "course level" within the SuccessMaker program. If you would like to know at what course level your child is working, just ask your teacher or the school LSTC. In the Math program, course level is equivalent to grade level. For example, if a student's course level in Math Concepts and Skills is 3.5, this student is working on problems that you would expect a student to be working on halfway through the 3rd grade school year. However, this is not the case for the Reading programs (Reading Readiness, Initial Reading, and Readers Workshop). The conversion chart should be used to convert SuccessMaker course level to the appropriate grade level. From the chart, it would be determined that a child working at the 5.3 course level in Readers Workshop (RW), is in actuality working at the 4.2 grade level. Additionally, a child working at the 2.3 course level in Initial Reading (IR) is actually working at a 1.8 grade level.

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W.C. Britt ElementarySchool wishes to meet the needs of all our students and families.
If any member of your family needs assistance or has any questions regarding mobility impaired issues or handicapped access,
please contact Doris Jones, Sandy Grizzard, or Melissa Madsen at 770-972-4500.

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